At Flycheese we did our best to keep the studio open and provide a service to students that needed their routine keeping for as long as possible. We kept in touch with Sheffield Council daily following their guidance.

When we went into lockdown and were told we had to close the studio doors we already had a plan in place and FLYCHEESE WENT ONLINE!!

Zoom video sessions were set up on Monday’s and Tuesday’s to replace normal 1-1 and group sessions. These had a mix of students from different sessions, allowing students to meet people from the other studio and other sessions. Wednesday’s were home to the Social Hub and a Stop Motion Animation Session from Joe Taylor. Thursday’s hosted a number of 1-1 sessions and drop in sessions for students that wanted some extra support or just needed a chat. Friday, the home to the new 10am After School Club allowing our under 18’s to hang out and get creative, followed by a afternoon Film Friday a great end to the week with an entertaining lesson in film and editing from Tommy.

To be able to keep Flycheese available to the students has been a great achievement and took a huge amount of hard work from our staff team. For many, Flycheese is the only activity they will do all week, to keep their routine as regular as possible was at the top of our priorities.