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Our regular workshops are £40, please see prices in “about us” at the top of the page.

Stop motion animation is by far our most popular workshop, we build, make draw or use stuff to animate. We use digital slr cameras, Dragonframe software on Apple Macs and Ipads to animate.

Stop motion animation is a way to animate by taking photos of an object, moving it, taking a photo and repeating the process.

No experience or skill is needed to get started, we learn by doing, getting hands on. Some of our modules are degree level modules.

Our students make their own worlds, create films using scripting, story boarding, editing, sound design.

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You dont need any experience or skills to become a part of our workshops, we can teach you everything you need to know!

We teach animation using Adobe Flash which is 2d animation software, we are also starting to teach 3d animation and 3d modelling.

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