We have been working on an animation for Disability Sheffield and Skills For Care, its finished and online!

If you employ a PA this is the video for you. there are new laws around data protection, check the video out here. https://youtu.be/sm9Zeyr4jAI

Gemma Baldwin, one of our students was paid to do the concept art for the video, (the photo above). and Joe Taylor another student animated the majority of the posh guy in the crowd. Chris Plimmer made all the heads, Sarah Norris did the animated text and Nina Cave made the incredible clothes, Wallace used he Doc Martens to weigh down the moulds.

Animators were: George Stocking, Charlotte Darcy, joe Taylor, Greg Boulton, Paul Brown

Many thanks to Greg Boulton who did more than he should have and Mel Ternan for coming in on short notice and doing the voice overs for us.

Thank you to Disability Sheffield for choosing us to create the animation, we really appreciate your business.

Keep an eye open for our next project “The Big Experiment”