Training-what we do.

We specialise in animation and digital art of all kinds. We work with people with Autism or who need support to live their lives and run workshops and accredited courses for everyone.

We pay or include our students in the Pro work we do (click the Pro Work link above)

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Some of our Workshops


Music Production

Game Design

Film & Photography

Flycheese Testimonials
My daughter is like a different person since coming to the studio, she doesn’t go out on her own but has started wanting to get out and about, its helped her confidence loads.

Animators really listened to my son and had the understanding that his potential and creativity would
enhance and inspire their own .
Cosmic Pretentiousness

Flycheese produce fantastic quality videos, and help people be creative and realise things they’ve only really ever dreamt of doing! Keep up the good work!
Mark Donohue

Flycheese has afforded me the opportunity to explore not only animation but a wide range of things that I am interested in. Paul is great at pushing me to do my best, never letting me give up when I’m onto something good, I’m very lucky to be able to be able to go to Flycheese.
Archie Balciunas-student

A fantastic place for people passionate about animation! Flycheese helped me get my first “official” animated short completed in the summer holidays after my first year in Uni, and I hope to get involved with Flycheese more in the future. It’s a truly enjoyable atmosphere there and I highly recommend this place to people who love making short animated films and skits that can glue peoples eyes to the screen.
Joe Taylor

It’s a great place and so much fun. Would deffinatly recommend it to anyone who’s into art, animation and best of all fun ? ?
Kieran May

Flycheese studio ( Paul ) is excellent my son Richard is always excited to be going to do some filming he loves it thank you so much Paul x
Katrina Ellershaw

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