4k Aerial Filming


If you are reading this I’m sure you know how much time and money using drone technology can save you and how your shots can be enhanced by using aerial filming so please take your time to click the link below and let the work speak for itself.


Our Phantom 3 Pro 4k Drone and CAA permission to fly.

We use a Phantom 3 Professional 4k camera drone, the drone is lightweight, nimble and produces amazing quality 4k video and photographs. Because of the drones small size and weight it is not as intrusive as larger drones and can be used in tighter spaces with less distraction to your event.

We have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly the drone and Paul Is BNCUS qualified to fly.


We are fully insured and have developed a comprehensive operations manual so you can rest assured we are very thorough and offer a full site assessment as part of our package.

We encourage our students to take part in our commissioned work as aerial photographers operating the camera whilst Paul, our qualified pilot flies the drone.

Our Packages

Our packages start as little as £200 per day for footage, each job will be individually costed, editing and finishing packages are also available.

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